Asad Chaudhry

Asad Chaudhry


Asad Chaudhry is a leading expert in the world of magic and playing cards, with over two decades of experience. Asad’s love for playing cards began as a teenager and has continued to grow and evolve throughout his life.

As a student of card magic, Asad honed his skills and became an adept sleight of hand artist. He then went on to share his knowledge and passion for card magic with others by creating the 52Kards YouTube channel​, which has since grown to over 1 million subscribers and has served as a free learning resource for the magic community .

In addition to his work as a content creator and teacher, Asad is also a successful entrepreneur in the world of playing cards. He is the proprietor of one of the largest online retailers for premium playing cards at​, where he offers a wide range of decks from the world’s top designers and manufacturers.

Asad’s experience and expertise in playing cards led him to also create his own brand of luxury playing cards, called the “Mint​.” These elegantly designed and highly sought-after decks are a testament to Asad’s dedication and passion for cards.