• Description

    The 8 Card Brainwave trick is an easy way to “predict” which card a spectator is going to choose. It works every time.

  • Difficulty

    Beginner. There is one “move”, but it hardly takes any practice at all.

  • Pre-Requisites


  • Sources

    Nick Trost

16 replies
  1. bicycle
    bicycle says:

    Great mentalism effect, showing the back of the same card got me, although I saw it before in another trick

  2. Marlon G de Lima S Rocha
    Marlon G de Lima S Rocha says:

    i did it twice in front of a group. They saw the blue deck and one red card that they chose. The second time I mentally checked and saw that they chose a different color card this time. Then, I made it as if I was changing the color of the deck in my hand and showed that the whole deck was red at this time, and they have chosen a blue card out of it. They were really puzzled!! thanks for this trick.. haha..

  3. V. M. Kenkre
    V. M. Kenkre says:

    Asad, you asked for the name of the move you use. It is called the Olram move or subtlety. That word OLRAM is the name of the originator spelled backwards so the credit to be given to him is automatic: the originator is Ed Marlo of course

  4. Anton
    Anton says:

    Wow. Such an easy, effective, and great trick! I did it over and over quite a few times with a group of blackjack dealers and they kept wondering how I was “changing the colors” of the cards. (It is repeatable, but you have to use your judgement.)

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