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    The Bluff Pass is hands down one of my favorite card controls. It may feel risky or bold at first, but after you try it a few times you will realize how convincing this card control really is.

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  1. Harry
    Harry says:

    The first time I preformed this, I thought I did a terrible job. But my audience was amazed! With a little bit more practice, this too will be one of my most used controls. And the second from the top thing doesn’t matter. A simple backslip, displaying the cards (but not the chosen one!) fixes this easily, and besides. A card second from the top can be useful in many tricks anyway. I used to use the Marlo Tilt, but now I will use this!

  2. Jeremiah Evans
    Jeremiah Evans says:

    The way I control the selected card from the second to the top part of the deck is to do a false cut that also moves the lower part of the deck, so when the lower part covers the top part, I can easily strip the top card and transfer it to the bottom without the audience noticing, and the selected card will be at the top.

    Is this a good method of controlling the selected card to the top or not?


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