• Description

    This is an elegant fully false tabled cut sequence. It has a really nice rhythm to it and makes good use of steps in the packets to retain the entire order of the deck.

  • Sources

    There are so many false cut variations similar to this sequence. I’m not sure if this exact handling has been published before. Let me know if you have seen it published in the comment section, and I’ll update the source info.

  • Deck Used

    Black Mint Playing Cards (coming soon)

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  1. Larry Robinson
    Larry Robinson says:

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  2. Matthew Krupnick
    Matthew Krupnick says:

    You dudes are truly amazing and I want to thank you in particular and of course Vign who is also incredible. You guys have made me go from the guy at the party with one or two cheesy tricks to show (or mess up more likely), to the guy who practice all day long and creates true magic for those that watch. I only wish I had this passion when I was a bit younger. But seeing as how I am not 40 yet, and feel more like 21 than in my 30’s, I have decided that I will continue to take my magic to new levels and use it as part of my new career (which is quite the shift from practicing law as a trial lawyer). Keep up the great work and I hope you guys are getting all the success you deserve. Thank you again.


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