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    Tutorial on the TG Murphy Deck Flip. A tricky flourish that makes the deck flip 360 degrees and fall back in your hand.

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    TG Murphy

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  1. DB
    DB says:

    Quick question. When I flip it and extend my fingers back out, a card shoots off the bottom. how can I stop this from happening?

    • Duarte
      Duarte says:

      the Tg Murphy deck flip is all about positioning and pressure.
      If you have that problem that i also had you just need to play around with the hand position.

    • Sani
      Sani says:

      I’ve just figured out that if I flick with the nail atleast one card will fly out but if I do it with the whole finger and I don’t flick but instead put a bit more tention between the index finger and my thumb, the deck filps perfectly 180 and 360°.

  2. Harry
    Harry says:

    This is one of those great flourishes that will always impress, unlike crazy ones like the Werm or Sybil. It’s simplicity is what matters; it’s like the Card Spring and Ribbon Spread with Flip. It, like them, accomplish one simple task. This flips the deck over. The Ribbon Spread displays the cards. The Card Spring moves the cards from one hand to the other. The Sybil, for example, has not purpose but to make a jumbled mess. All complex flourishes are the same: they have no real purpose, and if they do it’s too complicated. A wonderful quote from The Royal Road to Card Magic: “A series of brilliant flourishes leaves only the impression of juggling skills on the minds of the onlooker, and the performer’s feats are dismissed by them with the remark, “He’s clever with his hands.”” Thus simplicity is key in flourishes, as in this one.


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