• Description

    This is the most commonly used false count technique and it will help you perform a large number of powerful packet tricks. It will take a good amount of practice to be able to do it smoothly and reliably, but it is well worth the effort!

  • Difficulty

    This is an intermediate level sleight. It will take many many repetitions to be able to do it smoothly and to make each count look identical.

  • Pre-Requisites


  • Sources

    Alex Elmsley

    Published in:
    More Inner Secrets of Card Magic (1960)
    Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic (1967)
    Issue 4 – Hierophant (1970)
    and many other sources

  • Deck Used

    Mint Prototype

8 replies
  1. Harry Olsen
    Harry Olsen says:

    With the grip Asad uses, the middle finger doesn’t do anything. If you have trouble taking the card in the original hand with the first finger, you can use the middle finger.

  2. dader
    dader says:

    I cannot recommend enough studying this many times. The Elmsley Count is such an essential move, not really difficult, but Asad’s description really breaks it down to digestible components. Where were you when I was learning from books?!?!

  3. Josh Roman
    Josh Roman says:

    Search for Elmsley’s Four-Card trick. It’s got a great plot about him getting swindled by a hustler. That plot takes the usual bad feelings from a gambling routine focused on the spectator and turns it to empathy for the magician. The kicker ending has one odd-backed card that plays wonderfully.

    • Josh Roman
      Josh Roman says:

      Make sure to find Elmsley himself performing it. Many of the youtubers have abandoned the plot entirely which diminishes the trick in my view. Tricks lose a lot of impact when there’s no story and it’s just a description of what the performer is doing. Dai Vernon stressed the importance of entertainment to a trick. The story helps solidify the effect in the spectator’s mind. Make it entertaining, and not just an exhibition of your own cleverness and skill.

  4. Ray Rosato
    Ray Rosato says:

    I’ve been trying to get this move down for awhile and after seeing this tutorial I finally got it…thanks, Asad!


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