• Description

    This is one of my favorite false shuffles. It can be done without a table and it looks exactly like an ordinary riffle shuffle.

  • Difficulty

    This is a very advanced false shuffle. You should expect to practice this for hours before you can do it smoothly. First you need to be able to bridge the cards properly so that the halves stay completely separated, and then you need to practice separating the two packets without any hesitation.

  • Sources

    Guy Hollingworth, Eric Anderson

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  1. olo
    olo says:

    Actually got this as part of Oz Pearlman Emergent Triumph. However having problems executing it I found your video which gave some more depth to it. However, I can’t get the last cards of the bridge to separate much. Making the swivel cut impossible for the top part… To some extent this is also true for the first cards as well but not to same degree. Any suggestions to make it easier?


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