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    The Hot Shot Cut is one of my favorite tricks to do with a deck of cards. It can be used as a stand alone card trick, or be mixed into an ace production routine. It is an extremely impressive move that allows you to shoot a card out of the deck and catch it in your opposite hand. This move was popularized by David Blaine is his “Street Magic” special, but is credited to Daryl.

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  1. Harry
    Harry says:

    This is one of my favorite sleights. It’s good for both four-ace productions or something as simple as finding a card. Plus, if you don’t want a card shot, it’s a good one-handed cut. The concept of shooting the card with your ring finger can also be applied with a lot of other sleights such as the revolution cut and triple cut. And it looks nice. Overall, thank Asad!

  2. Rommens yoshi
    Rommens yoshi says:

    I am training this with normal cards not specific ‘magic cards’.
    Could this be a reason that the cards just bend and wont shoot? Grtz

    • Thorsten
      Thorsten says:

      Hi, I use standard cards, too. I can’t let it fly by just creating tension. So I use my index finger to shoot it out while creating tension with the middle finger for the spin-effect. Maybe it’ll help you as well.


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