• Description

    This is a one card pass used as a color change. It’s very quick, visual, and fun to do!

  • Difficulty

    It’s a lot easier to do than a normal pass, but it will still take some practice to do it well.

  • Pre-Requisites


  • Sources

    Not Available

  • Deck Used


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  1. Travis Cooper
    Travis Cooper says:

    U are the best teacher ive ever come accross ur really great i jst want to say thankyou for ur videps they have helped me so much with my magic u have learned me most the things i know and ive backed the project

  2. Dylan
    Dylan says:

    Feel as if its super difficult not to flash that card when doing this I’m looking at a bunch of angles on that 3 way mirror I got and it seems pretty exposed from most angles


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