• Description

    Popularized by David Blaine on his first network special, Shapeshifter is Marc DeSouza’s handling for an Oscar Munoz card change.

  • Pre-Requisites


  • Sources

    Marc DeSouza – Trapdoor (Issue 48, 1993)

  • Deck Used

    Acorn Back deck

2 replies
  1. edgar
    edgar says:

    I like ima have to give it a try. I also like how you explain how to do it and how did you make the card fly back to the deck of cards near the end???

  2. GR33N3RZ
    GR33N3RZ says:

    Is it ok if I do this backwards?by this I mean you release your thumb first causing the card to rotate to the right but I can only seem to do it by releasing my middle finger first causing the card to rotate to the left.Is this ok or is it not as appealing to the spectator…I’m not sure.


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