• Description

    Spectator Cuts the Aces is an amazing easy card trick where the spectator just happens to cut to all four of the aces. This is a very easy and practical method for the trick. Enjoy!

  • Pre-Requisites


  • Sources

    The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings

  • Deck Used

    Transducers Deck

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  1. Nick Ramer
    Nick Ramer says:

    Hey Asad,
    Thank you for sharing your skills & knowledge. This is a great trick! I especially like simple slights that produce a great effect. I appreciate your willingness to share freely with people who want to learn. This enhances the magic community by encouraging young magicians. The more we help one another, the greater our shared innovation. I wish you well in your endeavors. – Nick

  2. Cher
    Cher says:

    How do you manage spectators who when they are given the cards want to turn the cards over or tells the person holding the cards to turn the cards over to check they are all there and check they are all mixed?


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