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    The Mexican Turnover is a deceptive sleight of hand technique that allows you to secretly switch out a tabled card for the card in your hand. This switch can be used in a number of powerful card tricks which we will discuss in later videos.

  • Difficulty


  • Sources

    Credits - Unknown
    Sources - Card College Vol. 4

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  1. Kevin McMenamin
    Kevin McMenamin says:

    Thanks for the free tuition. Some years ago I could do this move, but acquired a small brain injury & lost a lot of things. You taught this so simply & well. I kept my eye on the screen, & just followed your hands. Its all coming back ( re this move anyway) I get a great deal of benefit from your site. I believe I had subscribed here also. Anyway, THANKYOU for your good & generous hearts ! I love learning & I love magic – Here I have both. WOW !!


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