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    The Mexican Turnover is a deceptive sleight of hand technique that allows you to secretly switch out a tabled card for the card in your hand. This switch can be used in a number of powerful card tricks which we will discuss in later videos.

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  • Sources

    Credits – Unknown
    Sources – Card College Vol. 4

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  1. Kevin McMenamin
    Kevin McMenamin says:

    Thanks for the free tuition. Some years ago I could do this move, but acquired a small brain injury & lost a lot of things. You taught this so simply & well. I kept my eye on the screen, & just followed your hands. Its all coming back ( re this move anyway) I get a great deal of benefit from your site. I believe I had subscribed here also. Anyway, THANKYOU for your good & generous hearts ! I love learning & I love magic – Here I have both. WOW !!

    • j. Hauser
      j. Hauser says:

      not really a comment towards this particular video but just in general and also to Kevin.

      Kevin I am not part of the 52Kards team but just wanted to say to you thank you for your comment. It really was nice to see. I am in the same boat sort of speak. I have severe ADD coupled with Acute Anxiety and over the last year and a half ive found on 52Kards something that no medicine has been able to provide me. ive been able to almost retrain my brain if you will and the way it used to process information thus causing certain reactions and have now been able to sort of live a normal life of a thirty yr old WITHOUT the need for 3 of 4 daily medications.. i cannot thank Asad/Vinh and co. enough! just yesterday i was telling my wife how i could listen to him talk and teach all day freaking long! this year in May I am going to be joining his paid lesson plans for a birthday gift to myself. as i still am striving to be the best magician i can be. ive been dabbling in magic since a very young age but over the last 2 years ive really saturated myself in it. ive read two books (The Royal Road.., and Expert Card Technique, and am onto my next two books Expert at the Card Table and Modern Coin Magic. I wish you all the best with your recovery!!! and keep at it, at the end of the day do you go to sleep with a smile on your face and do you know what brought you that smile?? Regardless of what it is, magic, or otherwise just keep chasing the happiness!! Have a blessed day Kevin, and to you as well Asad and 52Kards and Co.



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