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    The Thumb Fan is a fancy way to display a deck of cards. Try to make the fan as big and consistent as possible. At the end of the video I teach a slick way of closing the fan with one hand.

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  1. Joschka
    Joschka says:

    Does the deck have to be new to do the fan? I’m using an oldish deck and the fan looks terrible.
    Also, for me the one-handed close is easier than the fan itself, lol.

      • Michael
        Michael says:

        Any tips on if your hands sweat and stick for a ‘terrible’ fan? I’ve heard to use baby powder but that really makes things a little slippery…

  2. Igal Tabachnik
    Igal Tabachnik says:

    Perfect! Just in time too, I’ve been practicing it (it seems I can do it better with the traditionally cut Bicycles, but it may be just my own preference).

  3. Captain Ed
    Captain Ed says:

    Always EXCELLENT instructions and video quality. The thumb fan works great with a “stripper deck”. Thank you


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