• Description

    The Top Shot is a neat card shooting technique from Lennart Green. The card shoots out very fast, turns face up, and lands in your opposite hand. It can be used as a flourish or a production.

  • Pre-Requisites


  • Sources

    Lennart Green

  • Deck Used

    Bicycle 125th Edition

3 replies
  1. Ryan Reid
    Ryan Reid says:

    Hi Asad
    Ive been trying to do the Top Shot for the past few days.
    I can get the first card off of the deck but I cannot launch it.
    The top card just kinda slides off, partly due to my other fingers being in the way.
    Could you tell me some tips to help me learn the Top Shot?

  2. Nathaniel Bunker
    Nathaniel Bunker says:

    Hey Asad! I have been doing the top shot for a while now, but I still can’t catch the card I shoot. Any pointers?

  3. Pius Marbaniang
    Pius Marbaniang says:

    Hello Asad, i would like to know which card should we use for doing top shot, plastic card or paper card?


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