New Year, New Website!

I've been busy behind the scenes working on a new website for 52Kards, and it's finally ready to launch! Head on over to to check it out. Any feedback is very welcome! There may be a few bugs and glitches that still need to be worked out, but for the most part everything seems to be running smoothly.

Here are the improvements that have been made:

  • Much faster loading speeds. We're powered by an entirely new (and much better) platform now so page load speeds should be extremely quick and smooth. Woohooo!
  • More stable server. The site crashed twice in 2016 and at the worst times possible. Our new infrastructure allows us to withstand much higher levels of traffic.
  • New products. Our shop is growing rapidly and we are constantly adding new curated products. We stock only the only best custom playing cards, magic tricks/gimmicks, and accessories.
  • The Blog is back. I dabbled with having a blog in the past but then I stopped doing it. It's time to bring it back. There aren't too many posts up yet (only the ones from years ago), but we will now be posting more tutorials, product reviews, performances, and other great content to the blog!
  • Clean/Modern design. Hope you agree 🙂
  • Improved navigation. Easier/faster to browse various pages and products.

Close Up Card Vanish Tutorial

In this tutorial I'll cover a card vanishing technique that is ideal for close up scenarious. Most backpalming is typically done in a stage setting with your arm outstretched to your side, but this variation allows you to perform the vanish from someone directly in front of you. It also makes use of your second hand for cover so you can do the vanish slowly and with less risk of flashing when done at the proper angle.

New Chapter added to the Mint Deceptions course

Hey Mint Family!

Many of you ordered the premium Mint stripper decks that were available during the Kickstarter campaign. A new chapter has been added to the Edge52 today covering some applications of these tapered cards!

Access the new chapter here -

P.S. If you didn't get a chance to pick up a MINT stripper deck during the Kickstarter, we still have some of them left over and we are finally making them available for sale again today. We only have a very limited quantity of these left over and we won't be getting any more made until next year sometime.

Purchase a MINT stripper here -

These premium Stripper decks were prepared by hand by gaffer Jeremy Hanrahan from the Hanrahan Gaff Company. The utility of tapered cards with the MINT Marking System is a DEADLY combo and makes for a very powerful deck of cards.

Mint Stripper decks are now available!

MINT Marking System + Tapered Cards = Weapon of Mass Destruction

For the first time since the Kickstarter campaign, the Mint Stripper decks are now available! We only have a limited quantity of these left over from the Kickstarter and we won't be getting any more made until next year sometime.

These premium Stripper decks were prepared by hand by master gaffer Jeremy Hanrahan from the Hanrahan Gaff Company. The utility of tapered cards with the MINT Marking System is a DEADLY combo and makes for a very powerful deck of cards.

Disclaimer: Since these have been expertly gaffed by hand, the box will be unwrapped and the sticker seal will be broken on each deck.


Buy now here

A few applications for your MINT double facer gaff card

Each MINT deck comes with a double faced card that has a Joker on one side and a Queen of Hearts on the other. I have added two new lesson modules to the Edge 52 course going over some neat applications for this gaff card:

  1. Joker from Nowhere - This is a great extension of Lennart Green's brilliant Top Shot move. By doing the Top Shot from a face up deck with a double face card, you can make it look like a card appears out of nowhere.
  2. Visual Transposition - The two card transposition is one of the most classic card effects out there. This version uses the double face card to create the illusion of the cards switching places instantly and visually.

Next week I'll be adding a chapter to the course that covers the use of tapered cards and stripper decks. Stay tuned!

Vinh Giang’s on presentation and showmanship in magic

In the past 52Kards has focused on teaching sleight of hand technique and tricks, but now with our new instructor Vinh Giang we are going to begin touching on another extremely important area of magic - presentation and showmanship.

Vinh Giang is a true master at presenting and is going to help all of you students with developing your performances. He delivered one of my favorite Ted Talks on the subject and I'm happy to share it with you now!

Vinh drops some very serious knowledge bombs and inspiration in this video, so please watch it to completion.

How Kickstarter Works

Here's a quick video explaining what Kickstarter is all about and how we're using it to create the Black Mint Deck.

See the Kickstarter Project -


Black Mint Prototype Deck Review

Join the waitlist -

The Black Mint playing cards will be available on February 1st through Kickstarter. This is the first deck that 52Kards is producing and we are super excited about taking this project on! In this video I give an in depth review of the deck and the thinking behind it.

The Black Mint Deck is coming soon!


52Kards has had the goal to produce a custom deck of playing cards for many years. The time has finally come to make it a reality.

We are proud to present the highly anticipated Black Mint deck. These playing cards provide a merger of form and function. The elegant back design is aesthetically appeasing the the eye without attracting any unwanted attention; and yet they mask an incredibly intuitive marking system for the clever magician to take advantage of.

Join the Waitlist here -