What is Magic?

Our instructor Vinh Giang offers some words of wisdom and inspiration to all of you students out there..

Vinh Giang’s on presentation and showmanship in magic

In the past 52Kards has focused on teaching sleight of hand technique and tricks, but now with our new instructor Vinh Giang we are going to begin touching on another extremely important area of magic – presentation and showmanship.

Vinh Giang is a true master at presenting and is going to help all of you students with developing your performances. He delivered one of my favorite Ted Talks on the subject and I’m happy to share it with you now!

Vinh drops some very serious knowledge bombs and inspiration in this video, so please watch it to completion.

Clean Tabled Card Control Demonstration

This is a great technique that allows you to very cleanly push the card straight into a tabled deck while still maintaining control of it at all times.


Pen Jillette Discusses Magic on TV

Penn from the Penn & Teller gives some insight on a lot of the magic we see on the television skill. There is a big difference between live magic, and pre-recorded footage.

Justin Willman Performs at YouTube Comedy Week

Justin Willman gave one of the better performances at YouTube’s Comedy Week. A great combination of illusion and comedy.