Close Up Card Vanish Tutorial

In this tutorial I'll cover a card vanishing technique that is ideal for close up scenarious. Most backpalming is typically done in a stage setting with your arm outstretched to your side, but this variation allows you to perform the vanish from someone directly in front of you. It also makes use of your second hand for cover so you can do the vanish slowly and with less risk of flashing when done at the proper angle.

A few applications for your Mint double facer gaff card

Each Mint deck comes with a double faced card that has a Joker on one side and a Queen of Hearts on the other. I have added two new lesson modules to the Edge 52 course going over some neat applications for this gaff card:

  1. Joker from Nowhere - This is a great extension of Lennart Green's brilliant Top Shot move. By doing the Top Shot from a face up deck with a double face card, you can make it look like a card appears out of nowhere.
  2. Visual Transposition - The two card transposition is one of the most classic card effects out there. This version uses the double face card to create the illusion of the cards switching places instantly and visually.

Next week I'll be adding a chapter to the course that covers the use of tapered cards and stripper decks. Stay tuned!

How to Tie Your Own Invisible Loops

Magician's Loops are a gimmick used to create illusions. Yigel Mesika sells pre-made loops, but in this video I will show you how to save money and make your own.