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Tabled 4 Ace Production Routine
The Apex Aces
Clever Bar Bet Card Trick
One Way Design Principle
Modified Top Shot
8 Card Brainwave (Variation)
Deal Switch Prediction
Blind Toss
In Hands Riffle Shuffle
Overhand Shuffle
One Handed Pop Out Move
Ribbon Spread and Flip
Spreading Cards
Double Paintbrush Color Change
Design for Laughter
The Glide
Infinity Cards
Tabled Bridge Riffle Shuffle
Flippant Color Change
Dream of Aces
Coin Matrix
Deck Memorization Routine
Dai Vernon's Triumph
A classic plot in card magic: Triumph. This is an incredibly strong effect where the deck magically straightens itself out and finds the selected card for you.
The Snap Double
An excellent convincer to add to your double lift technique.