• Description

    A classic plot in card magic: Triumph. This is an incredibly strong effect where the deck magically straightens itself out and finds the selected card for you.

  • Difficulty

    Intermediate. The Zarrow Shuffle can be a bit tricky, but the rest of the effect is pretty straight forward.

  • Sources

    Dai Vernon – Stars of Magic

8 replies
  1. Ed Bailey
    Ed Bailey says:

    Great effect Assad. I am new to card magic and this is great instruction. Can’t wait to practice with my Mint 2 decks when they arrive.

  2. Jason E
    Jason E says:

    I’m getting back into card magic as a way to strengthen my hands while I’m fighting neuropathy. I forgot what a great trick Triumph is, and I’m grateful to have found it on your site.

    Your handling is a great application of the Zarrow shuffle, and the tabled card control is great.

    It’s fun to practice magic during the Covid19 pandemic, and I’ve been posting them on Facebook and YouTube.

    Anyway, thanks so much.

  3. Raúl Ceruti
    Raúl Ceruti says:

    Un clásico bien interpretado y magníficamente expuesto. La claridad de la explicación hace que pueda seguirse aún sin dominio del idioma inglés.

  4. Chris De Tone
    Chris De Tone says:

    Your library of tutorials is wonderful, and very well performed. I believe that I speak for all when saying “thank you” for all of this great information. Card magic is the poetry of magic…indeed.
    Thank you so very much!

    Chris De Tone


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