• Description

    This is an incredibly easy and impressive way to find someone’s card. You will be able to start performing this minutes after you learn it.

  • Difficulty

    Beginner. Almost self working.

  • Pro Tips

    1.) You can use the top card of the deck as you key card instead of the bottom card, and this way you don’t have to do the tiny move after removing key card from the deck.

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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    One Question: Do you have a good recovery for the off chance that the card they choose is one of the cards you say you need to “help find their card”?

    This happened the first I practiced this with an audience. The Queen of Diamonds was on the bottom, so I said that the two red Queens would help find the card. I go through the deck looking for the Queen of hearts and it is next to the Queen of diamonds?!?!?!

    I tried to transition to a top card spin out (Benzais?) but it was awkward.


  2. Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson says:

    I learned this trick years ago and everyone loves it because it is so simple. I modified it for a better effect. If the card is controlled to the top, i prefer a double undercut with a thumb break, and you are lightly holding the deck before you throw it, you can only pull out the top card. And it looks like you’re pulling from the middle.


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