• Description

    The Marlo Tilt (also known as the “Depth Illusion”) is a very deceptive card control that looks like you are pushing the card directly into the middle of the deck, when you are really placing it second from the top. This is a great move to use in an ambitious card routine, or anywhere else where you need to control a card.

  • Difficulty

    Intermediate. Will take a little bit of practice to get into position and to sell the illusion.

  • Pre-Requisites

    You should be comfortable with Holding a Pinky Break before you try to learn the Marlo Tilt.

  • Pro Tips

    1.)  Make sure you get your break and setup for the tilt while the audience is looking at the card they picked. You have all the misdirection in the world in this moment and there is no way they will see anything suspicious.

    2.) Tilt your wrist to the side a bit as you insert the card into your break. This will help you cover your angles so that the people to the right of you don’t see anything.

    3.) You can use this move the control a card to a very specific position. For example, lets say you wanted to control a selected card to the 7th position from the top of the deck. This can be done very easily using the Marlo Tilt by getting a break below the top 6 cards and continue with the move as normal.