• Description

    The Zarrow Shuffle is a great false shuffle that preserves the order of the whole deck. There are several versions of the Zarrow Shuffle. This one begins with a slip cut.


  • Difficulty

    It will take a good amount of practice to be able to do this shuffle well. There is a big difference between an average Zarrow shuffle and a great Zarrow shuffle.

  • Sources

    Invented by magician Herb Zarrow and first published in The New Phoenix No. 346, July 1957, page 210, as Full Deck Control.

  • Deck Used

    Erdnase Smithback

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  1. John
    John says:

    Great tutorial,. Thanks.

    In the beginning of the video you mention Intermediate and Advanced concepts. I would like to hear more about this and would even pay to have a complete class. I have reviewed your current class offering and it looks very good, but would like to have a bit more advanced material.

    thanks, and again — Keep up the great offerings.

    John U.


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