• Description

    The One Handed Card Shuffle is probably the most difficult way to shuffle a pack of cards, and it looks very impressive. You can now rest in peace knowing that if you ever break your arm, you will still be able to shuffle your deck of cards!

  • Difficulty

    This is the most difficult non-false shuffle I know of. It will take a lot of practice to be able to align the two packets side by side, and then to apply the right pressure so that they weave. Also, the condition of the cards can have an effect on your ability to do this. The cards need to have straight edges.

  • Sources

    Not Available

  • Deck Used

    Transducers Lava Edition

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  1. Rem Yang
    Rem Yang says:

    Asad thanks so much for your tutorials, all of them helped me a lot as they are so clear and easy to follow. After 2 weeks of practice I’m finally able to get this down. Thanks again!


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