Learn a Powerful Mental Effect [Tutorial]

In this video Daniel Fernandez and I go over an extremely powerful mentalism trick that you can do with any deck of cards. The trick is very simplistic in nature, but it packs a strong punch and transcends being just a regular card trick when presented properly. In addition to covering the method of this effect, we also have an in depth conversation about performance theory, card forcing techniques, and how to use specific language to enhance the magic. This is the longest video to date on 52Kards, but it’s well worth the watch!


▼ Timestamps
Performance – 2:11
Creating powerful magic – 5:53
Method – 6:53
Riffle Force tutorial – 11:35
Classic Force tutorial – 14:46
Language and patter – 19:27
Being yourself – 25:58
Closing notes – 27:52


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