New Chapter added to the Mint Deceptions course

Hey Mint Family!

Many of you ordered the premium Mint stripper decks that were available during the Kickstarter campaign. A new chapter has been added to the Edge52 today covering some applications of these tapered cards!

Access the new chapter here –…

P.S. If you didn’t get a chance to pick up a MINT stripper deck during the Kickstarter, we still have some of them left over and we are finally making them available for sale again today. We only have a very limited quantity of these left over and we won’t be getting any more made until next year sometime.

Purchase a MINT stripper here –

These premium Stripper decks were prepared by hand by gaffer Jeremy Hanrahan from the Hanrahan Gaff Company. The utility of tapered cards with the MINT Marking System is a DEADLY combo and makes for a very powerful deck of cards.

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